Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The G.D. Hermanubis temple's Vernal Equinox ritual and 0=0 Neophyte Initiation ritual for Soror G.

 3/20/21 Vernal Equinox

Transference of Power from H. Frater P. to Soror A.

H. Frater P. Hierophant

Soror A. Hierophantessa

Initiation of Soror G. into 0=0 Neophyte

Equinox Ritual 'in the Wilderness' (Albuquerque New Mexico)
Altar of the Equinox 

Fellowship Afterwards

3 Chief silliness...
Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Talismans of the 7 Planetary Sefirotic energies

These are my finished talismans. Each have the degree angel that is associated with each position of my chart. Also on the front is my HAH angel sigil for each planet. The title of the sephiroth in Hebrew, and the zodiac in each planet. On the back is the guardian angel, the planetary intelligence, and the sigil for the sacred name for the sephiroth. The background of each talisman is the sephirothic color in the queen scale. And the writing and sigils are in the zodiacal color. Each layer has been mixed with the corresponding tincture made almost a year ago. I started with 5 dots of the tincture on the front and back of the talisman to get into the wood. Then each layer of pain has at least 5% to 10% of tincture to paint. And finally the sealian is water-based and has about 15% of tincture mixed into it as well. H. Frater P.








Sunday, November 29, 2020

Cubical Altar-beneath the black cloth

 I am working the cubical altar-where each side, as well as the top and bottom represent a degree...the Altar itself will be covered with a black drape. 

it will be the 

  • top (Kether) and the bottom (Malkuth)- Zelator-1=10 
  • with the 4 sides-
  • Theoricus-2=9, 
  • Practicus-3=8, 
  • Philosophus-4=7, and the 
  • Adeptus Minor 5=6
Each section will have the Divine God-Names, the Archangel, the Planetary sign, and the Sefiroth all in Hebrew...

Here is the notes on the 4=7 Philosophus side...

Here is the 4=7 Philosophus wall painted

Work of the Hermanubis GD Temple

 ...some recent work by some of the Members of the Hermanubis GD Temple

Soror A.

H. Frater P.

Soror S.